Have you checked in today? Do I need to refocus my mind on something positive?

positive thoughts


This is a great quote for self check-in. It’s amazing the power of mind over matter.

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Have you checked in today? What color will I wear today?

Did you know that the clothes you wear say a lot about you?  They can reveal glimpses of your mood, your priorities, your value system, and your occupation.  I thought it would be fun this week to share some information about colors and their effect:

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What is your favorite color to wear?  I always turn to ________!

Have you checked in today? Exercise!


Let’s face it, we all know that exercise is important— reduces stress, lowers cholesterol, makes us feel sexier ( just to name a few benefits) — and that we should exercise regularly, but why is it so hard to motivate yourself sometimes? How can you possibly make time in your busy schedule?

Tip: Online workouts!

– For the Yoga lover: MyYogaWorks Online

– All workouts:  Grokker

– Easy to Navigate with top trainers: Radius Fitness



Have you checked in today? Food!

We all know the phrase ‘you are what you eat‘ but do you apply this to your life?
This week I encourage everyone to be conscious of what they are putting in their mouth. Show your body you care and love it by feeding it fuel to make it function at it’s best.


  • Prep! It’s all about have the right food around you.  We love this advice for weekly meals from DailyBurn.
  • Balance and Moderation.  You want that cookie?  Have a bite but don’t go crazy and overindulge.  Your diet should be one of abundance of fresh organic fruits and vegetables not depravation.

Have you checked in today? SLEEP

We lead busy lives, “checking-in” — on Facebook, through texts, emails, phone calls — with family, friends, children, co-workers and bosses all day.  BUT how often do we stop to check- in and notices ourselves?

I’ll be starting a new series “Check-ins” every Monday with weekly tips on how to be aware and listen to your own body.

Wellness starts with staying attuned with our inner selves.  A daily check-in using one or more of the following questions can help you reconnect.  Energy flows where your attention goes.  Give yourself a valuable moment of attention every day, in some healthy way, and you’ll begin building improved wellbeing into your day.



  • How am I sleeping?  Am I waking up in the middle of the night and/or sleeping in late?
Why does this matter?
  • Healthy Sleep starts with healthy breathing
    • Tip: Try breathing exercise and meditation before bed to help prepare your body for sleep.  Having a hard time doing it yourself?  We love the guided sleep meditation on Quite Brain Coach!
  • Sleep is vital to your body’s inflammatory response
  • Mouth breathing causes many health issues, you must breathe only through the nose especially during sleep. (The brain sends a message to the diaphragm to shut down)
  • If you snore or have UARS you may have hidden health hazards you are not aware of. (Did you know?? Snoring actually causes tube tension throughout the body which affects blood pressure, lymph drain and digestion)
  • It is not the quantity of the sleep as much as it is the quality of the sleep.
  • Creating a sleep sanctuary can  change your state of being and your health.
  • No EMF’s in the bedroom- keep the computers/cellphones/tvs off!!
  • A dark room is needed for proper hormone balance
  • A routine bedtime helps to regulate the circadian cycle
  • During sleep, your body heals itself- physically, mentally and emotionally